Phyllis and Angelo Mozilo

Founders and Directors Emeriti

Phyllis and Angelo were married for more than 50 years before Phyllis' untimely death in 2017, and Angelo's peaceful passing in 2023.  Together they built a loving family formed in faith, integrity, hard work, and philanthropy.  The foundation motto of Ex granis fit acervus, A heap is made from grains, illustrates their foundational belief that giving is a fundamental obligation and that one's place on the heap is of little importance.  Showing up, giving back and being a part of the solution, are what is important. 

Both personally and professionally, Angelo has been a champion for the under-served.  Among many awards and recognitions, Angelo was named to the National Home Builders Hall of Fame, received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, National Housing Person of the Year, Horatio Alger Award, Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism, and was recognized by the National Italian American Foundation for Humanitarian Service. 

Phyllis and Angelo have provided scholarships for countless youth, at all levels of education, have built buildings and programs in service to their community, and have been a port in the storm for friends and strangers alike.  They mentor, coach, instruct and guide as second nature. 

Phyllis and Angelo have five children and eleven grandchildren; all of which participate in guidance and counsel for the foundation.  As a family, there is a true and strong dedication to carrying the mantle for generations to come.

In 2019 Angelo stepped down from the chairmanship of the board and is currently consulting on initiatives.